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franchise dispute


The firm has long specialised in dealing with Franchise disputes between Franchisors and Franchisees and has accumulated a vast amount of experience in this area.

We have acted for numerous Franchisors in relation to solving problems and restoring peace within Franchised networks by giving considered experienced advice, thereby establishing the proper channels of communication to prevent outright hostility.

We have also acted for many Franchisee Associations (e.g. KFC Franchisee Associations: Countrywide Grounds Maintenance Franchisee Association) and even more large groups of disgruntled Franchisees (including thirty five Benjy's mobile Franchisees).

Our main intent is always to settle matters by negotiation or, if the parties agree, by mediation.  Where that has failed we have instituted High Court proceedings on behalf of both Franchisors (in respect of the enforcement of non-competition clauses) and Franchisees (in respect of damages for breach of contract and misrepresentation).

Below are links to three disputes where we acted for groups of Franchisees which were published originally in the Mail on Sunday.

Wheels falling off my business - Mail on Sunday 6th November 2005

"Doctor" has left me in Debt - Mail on Sunday 16th April 2006

The Sandwich Van War - Mail on Sunday 14th May 2006

Benjys faces lawsuit from Franchisees - Evening Standard 12th May 2006

Did Benjys tell its traders the truth? - Financial Mail 21st May 2006

Chairman quits troubled Benjys - Financial Mail 18th June 2006

Benjys "Vanchisees" pile on pressure - Daily Telegraph 29th June 2006

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